Thursday, September 12, 2013

IVSA 62. Winter Symposium,  2-10 Jan 2014, Ankara, Turkey

 IVSA Ankara proudly presents, IVSA 62. Winter Symposium we be held in the capital city of Turkey between 2-10 Jan 2014. Our OC Team formed up from very experienced IVSA enthusiasts who have organized many group&individual exchanges and an unforgottable "VET2011 Beyond the Education Student Event". This Symposium aims to draw attention to "Epidemics in the World" which  are generally caused by a change in the ecology of the host population. Because of the climate changes, ecological problems and globallization, epidemics may spread to other countries and it may turn to pandemics. As veterinary students we tought that we should focus on such an emerging problem.On the other hand, on the bridge of Europe and Asia, you will have chance to see Turkish culture, try delicious Turkish food, and experience typical vet student life here ;)
Hope to see you !!!